Personalised MICHELIN wall maps

Personalised MICHELIN wall maps
  • All your outlets seen at a glance
  • A useful communication support
  • Keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ mind
Profil Plus

Client need :

  • To Communicate to current and portential clients the geographical area they cover

Our proposal

  • Creation of a laminated poster

Result :

  • Profil Plus where very pleased with the end results. The quality reached was better then they had imagined

Enhance your brand and network !

  • A tool to show your network coverage
  • A way of illusrtating your proximity in relation to your clients (to show you are nearby)
  • Routes or events visible at a glance
  • An original way of highlighting your point of sales

A tailor made solution to perfectly answer your needs

  • You define your product : geographic zone, scale, format, additional  content, …

A solution based on an acknowledged product

  • Michelin, leader on the maps market with a strong brand awareness
  • A product that everyone needs to help complement a Satellite Navigation device (to discover your region, in case of breakdown, etc.)

Your guarantee: a Michelin solution

  • A dedicated team to advise you and create with you a unique product which is adapted to your needs
  • A support team to help you create your project, from the original idea to completion

Your design :

  • Places displayed (with a logo or a name)
  • Title of the wall map
  • Dedicated communication spaces
  • Addition of an index (to give details about your addresses, opening hours, …)

Your format :

  • Laminated or rolled and tube

Your content :

  • Regional, national, world map… : 250 maps to choose from
  • Up-to 1 000 outlets can be displayed
  • Possible integration of additional information within the map (e.g. schools, administrative buildings, etc)
  • Possible integration of touristic Green guide or MICHELIN Guide content on the wall map