Integrate route calculation in your business software

A lot of your activities require extended functionalities related to geolocation, route calculation and proximity search : geomarketing, expenses calculation, sales team organisation, assistance services…
Michelin Business Solutions offers you its expertise by integrating these features into powerful and flexible APIs.
These open solutions are available across a number of platforms (web, mobile, GPS, business software) which enable a tailored integration. A dedicated support team helps you making the best of this solution. 

ViaMichelin Javascript API

  • Map API for your web and mobile websites

  • User friendly application, optimised for touch navigation (including "pinch to zoom")

  • Dedicated support team to help you implement the solution

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ViaMichelin Rest API

  • Cross platform solution for both your websites and your mobile applications

  • Dedicated support team to accompany the implementation

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ViaMichelin Soap API

  • 100% dedicated to software and business management application

  • 100% compatible with Internet standards (http, XML, SOAP, WSDL)

  • Dedicated support team to help you implement the solution


ViaMichelin Mobile SDK

  • The components that enable you to benefit from comprehensive MICHELIN mapping and route planning functionality within your iPhone or Android mobile application

  • Guide clients and lead them to you at any time

  • Develop a balanced solution between your web and mobile sites

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