Personalised I-Spy guide

Personalised I-Spy guide
  • An original guide dedicated to children and families
  • Your brand associated with a fun and educational product
  • An enjoyable way to get children looking at the world around them

A gift which will add value to your brand image

  • Offer an educational product and help your customers make the best out of their family’s journey
  • Your brand is highlighted on the cover and in the book (with additional pages, …) including company or event info to promote your business or services

A tailor made product to perfectly meet all your needs

  • A large range of titles : more than 50 to choose from
  • A pocket sized format, ideal for all the family

A pocket sized guide based on an idea which has been appreciated by families for generations

  • A product which keeps the children active during journeys and family events
  • Up to 200 colour photographs for every child to “I-Spy”
  • Challenging with rewarding : collect 1000 points and apply for a downloadable certificate of recognition

Your guarantee: a Michelin solution

  • A dedicated team to advise you and create a unique product which is adapted to your needs
  • A support team to help you create your project, from the original idea to completion

Your design

  • Personalise the cover : put your logo on a standard guide or co-brand the cover
  • Add your own pages within the guide (information about your company, advertising, etc)

Your Content

  • 50 titles to choose from