Michelin touristic and restaurant contents

Michelin touristic and restaurant contents
  • Michelin touristic and restaurant contents in your own websites, applications, or publications
  • 5 languages available – a world coverage
  • A strong backing: the MICHELIN brand and its famous distinctions

Contents which value your brand image

  • Your brand is associated to the MICHELIN brand, which has had a strong legitimacy in tourism and restaurant information for 100 years
  • A strong caution : the MICHELIN brand and its famous stars ranking
  • Comprehensive information : Michelin information about the restaurant :touristic site, detailed practical information, etc
  • Updated and reliable content which differentiate your brand from sometimes uncertain web-contents

A comprehensive solution to meet your needs

  • Restaurants : More than 55.000 restaurants and more than 30.000 pictures in Europe, in the US and in Asia
  • Touristic contents : About 30 000 adresses all over the world
  • Michelin tours, which allow you to help discover a region (city tours, motorbike tours, …)

A solution based on famous and reliable guides

  • The famous MICHELIN Green Guide
  • The MICHELIN guide, the most famous and prestigious restaurant guide

Access to the content

  • Through Michelin webservices (Rest or Javascript API) or through ViaMichelin SDK
  • As a database (xml format)


  • Geographic area : country, Europe, world
  • Content type : MICHELIN guide restaurants and/or hotels, touristic points of interest from MICHELIN Travel MICHELIN, tours…
  • Contents available in five languages : French, English, Spanish, Italian, German – BLX contents are available in dutch, Portugal contents are available in portuguese.