Advertising in Michelin maps and guides

Advertising in Michelin maps and guides
  • The MICHELIN guide, a prestigious guide with a premium readership
  • MICHELIN Green Guide: Display your ad in Michelin’s easy to read Travel Guides and be seen by your clients and new customers during their holiday

Client need :

  • To communicate about Nespresso brand to this target audience within an internationally recognised reference guide in gastronomy

Our proposal:

  • Advertising in the MICHELIN Guide


  • Satisfied customerRenewal of the operationSatisfied customerRenewal of the operation

Client need:

  • Communicate on Renault breakdown service "Renault assistance" and be present in the car 

Our proposal:

  • An advertising insertion in the French MICHELIN maps (3 million cards / year)
  • Ads visible from the opening of the map for a maximal visibility


  • An efficient advertising campaign which was renewed during 3 years

Advertising in the MICHELIN guide, a real reference for hotel and restaurant information over the world

  • Your advertising visible in a high quality product, with a very strong image and awareness  
  • A guide which is frequently used by its readers (1/3 of the readers use the guide at least once a month)
  • More than 50% AB+ readers, about 60% male readership
  • Strategically exclusive brand adverting in the guide (a selective brand association)
  • Advertising spaces which show your ads at their best

 Advertising in the MICHELIN Green Guide, a premium guide with in-depth touristic information

  • Your brand associated with the Green Guide :
    a product with a very high perceived value
    a guide with a lot of maps and pictures and with advice for places affordable to all
  • A very good opportunity to get in touch with your target groups during their holiday 
  • A quality target group: 88% of the readers are families and couples, 83% are working people (most of them AB+ readers)  
  • A large choice of references (138 titles to choose from)

Advertising spaces in the MICHELIN Guide
bookmark, insert, chosen pages (in front of star restaurants, close to the main cities, ….)

Advertising spaces in the Green Guide
flip taps, additional pages, bookmarks, etc …