The new MICHELIN Guide was launched in December

December 2018


The new MICHELIN Guide has been launched on September 29th !

Since 1911 in the UK, The MICHELIN Guide has been the reference for hotel and restaurant information with:

  • A selection of the best places to eat and stay, from small bistros to luxury hotels, catering for individual tastes and budgets.
  • Features a short and engaging description for each entry.
  • Fully revised by the team of independent Michelin inspectors.

In this 2017 edition: more than 2,230 restaurants and 1,760 hotels to fulfill all requirements.


Offer a customised guide !

This powerful communication tool bearing your company branding and your personal message on the cover will be kept and used by your clients.

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Preview the customisation of the MICHELIN guide now !

In just 2 minutes our website enables you to preview the guide with your logo on the cover as it will be printed 
- choose your type of customisation : logo overprinted, vertical or horizontal band 
- upload your logo 

and get a free and quick preview of your special edition with your logo on the cover !

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Welcome to our new website !

Welcome to the new Michelin Business Solutions website

Discover our customisable range of maps, guides and geolocation solutions!

Michelin Maps and Guides and ViaMichelin have pooled their know-how to offer customised maps and guides solutions (print, web, mobile, tablet) as well as flexible geolocation solutions.

This website aims to present you the complete Michelin Business Solutions offering, giving you the latest information about all the products and the way they can answer your business needs.

Real case studies will show you how our products have been used by different companies, from customised guides as business gifts to maps/posters and web store locators.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to benefit from their advice!



Discover the MICHELIN « light » map

February 2012

ViaMichelin Javascript API: discover MICHELIN « light » map

Michelin maps have been adapted for easy navigation on smartphones and tablets to better adapt the needs of users on the go..

Choose the map you want to display on your websites and or mobile platform:

-          The MICHELIN « light map » is optimised for both smartphone and tablet navigation (With just the information you need for faster loading)

-          The standard MICHELIN map will provide your clients with a more comprehensive mapping solution.

-          Don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We can advise you on the best way to integrate our mapping platform into your company website.  


Click on the following link (or download the ViaMichelin mobile smartphone application) to discover MICHELIN light map:

Click on the following link to see our technical information :

More about ViaMichelin Javascript API

Test ViaMichelin API

December 2011

Test one of ViaMichelin’s API’s

Discover our powerful API solutions – to fulfill your geolocation needs including:

Geomarketing, validation of expense, parcel delivery/multi-drop off’s,  call center organisation….These activities require extended functionalities (geocoding, maps, itineraries, proximity search, corridoring ...).
To help you to achieve optimum performance, Michelin Business Solutions offers its expertise in the field of mobility by integrating these features into powerful and flexible APIs.

Thanks to our APIs, you benefit from:

- Accurate route calculation: as the crow flies, by road, shortest, fastest...

- The choice of the platform: JavaScript, Soap or Rest

- The choice of the media: web, mobile and business applications

- Personalised support: tailored advice, developer website and online documentation

- Access to Online Manager (Database management tool).

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