Michelin Travel Partner

Since 1889, the Michelin group has been contributing to the progress and mobility of goods and persons while valuing safety, efficiency and pleasure on the road.

To efficiently pursue this mission, the activities of Michelin maps and guides and of ViaMichelin were merged in 2011 and a new Michelin subsidiary was created: Michelin Travel Partner. This new company aims at facilitating travel while carrying MICHELIN brand vision “a better way forward”.

Michelin Travel partner accompanies travellers with a comprehensive offer based on….

3 Thematics

  • Efficiency (Maps, ViaMichelin website)
  • Leisure Travel (the MICHELIN Green Guide, MICHELIN Travel website)
  • Eating out (the MICHELIN guide)

4 Media

  • Print : Maps and guides
  • Fixed Internet : ViaMichelin websites
  • Mobile Phones
  • Car devices : solutions adapted to different navigation systems

3 Types of Use

  • Before the trip: preparation (route planning, ..)
  • During the trip: geolocation, choices of places to eat, …
  • After the trip: sharing opinions, calculating costs, …

Michelin Travel Partner uses its expertise also for companies, with its business offer : Michelin Business Solution.

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